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Dr.Ana Lucia Nogueira

Professional Certificate: 31896

Languages: Portuguese,  English, French.

Ana Lúcia Nogueira, Dra.

Ana Lúcia Nogueira, Dra.


Areas of Differentiation:

  • Pelvic floor surgery;

  • Intimate Surgery and Gynecological Aesthetics;

  • Pathology of the vulva, vagina and cervix - HPV consultation;

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth;

Clinical activity:

  • Sabeanas Clinical Administrator.

  • President of the Ibero-American Society of Gynecology-Aesthetics and Intimate Surgery.

  • A gynecologist specializes in women just as a pediatrician specializes in children.

Academic education:

  • Catholic Management AMLP

  • 1995 - Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics by the Order of Doctors and Civil Hospitals of Lisbon (HSJosé and HDEstefânia)

  • 1994 - Graduate in Infertility at Harvard University

  • 1987 - Degree in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of Porto


Scientific activity:

  • "Vaginas Owner's Manual"

  • Publication date:august 2004

  • Publishing company:Plural Art Editions

  • Authors:Carol Livoti and Elizabeth Topp

  • Medical Review for Portugueseby Dr. Ana Lucia Nogueira.

Brings the description of each part of the female anatomy and how these parts work together. The book is the first fun, complete and revealing guide on the subject. It covers periods, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, setbacks, when (and when not) to worry, miscarriage, hot flashes, ways to keep your body functioning well over the years, and best of all: sex.

"Vaginas" will clarify all the doubts that disturb women's daily lives because they lack the courage to ask or, simply, why they lack someone who understands the subject to answer.

  • "Water Crystal"

  • Author:Ana Lucia Nogueira

  • Painting / Illustration:Cristina Carvalhão

  • Edition by MediBial, 1995.(29.5 x 21 cm.)

  • With several illustrations(painting reproductions) in color.

  • Author's debut work, doctor of Gynecology and Obstetrics, in the field of literature.


Generali; Advancecare; Future Healthcare; Free Health; ADSE; CGD; Allianz

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