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Professor Egídio Pedro

Professional Certificate: N/A

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and Italian

Egídio Pedro, Prof.

Egídio Pedro, Prof.


Areas of Differentiation:

  • Clinical Cardiology and Atherosclerosis (Coronary diseases - Angina pectoris, myocardial infarction -,

  • Valvular heart disease;

  • Arterial hypertension,

  • Dyslipidemias,

  • arrhythmias,

  • cardiomyopathies and heart failure).

Clinical activity:

  • He introduced LDL - Apheresis in Portugal in 1990 and High Resolution Carotid Echotomography, with 10 MHz probes, in 1996.

  • Internship at the Coronary Intensive Care Unit (UNICOR) of Hospital de Santa Cruz;

  • Internship in Internal Medicine at the Internal Medicine and Nephrology Service of Hospital de Santa Cruz (Director Prof. Doutor Jacinto Simões);

  • Internship at the Centro per lo studio Dell`Arteriosclerosi e della Mallatie Dismetaboliche-Policlinico S. Orsola-Universitá Degli Studi di Bologna - Cattedra di Gerontologia (Director Prof. Doctor Giancarlo Descovich);

  • Internship at Pulmonology Service 4, Hospital Pulido Valente (Director Prof. Doctor Raul Amaral Marques);

  • Internship in “Cardiac pacing at Hospital S. Orsola, at Instituto di Cardiologia Chirurgia del Cuore e dei grossi Vasi – Scuola di Specializzazoione in Cardio angio chirurgia dell`Universitá Degli Studi di Bologna (Director Prof. Doctor Angelo Pierangeli);

  • Internship in Pediatric Cardiology, at Hospital de Santa Cruz (Director Prof. Doutor Maymone Martins);

  • Internship in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Hospital de Santa Cruz (Director Prof. Doutor João Queiroz e Melo).

Performed several Medical Training Internships Abroad:

  • Centro per lo Studio dell`Arteriosclerosi e della Mallatie Dismetaboliche-Hospital S. Orsola, University of Bologna (Italy);

  • Nephrology Service / LDL-apheresis at St. Markus, Frankfurt (Germany);

  • Istituto di Patologia Speciale Medica of the University of Ferrara (Italy);

  • Dipartimento di Medicina e Biotecnologia Applicata “D. Campacci”- Laboratorio de Diagnostica Ultrasonogafica and at the LDL-Apheresis Center of the S. Orsola Hospital of the University of Bologna (Italy);

  • Institute of Systematic Medical Therapy of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Italy);

  • Biosound Carotid Echotomography Training Center, Indianapolis, United States of America;

  • Training Course - Direct Apheresis of Atherogenic Lipoproteins from Blood (DALI) - System in Munich (Germany);

  • Dipartimento di Medicina Interna, University of Palermo (Italy).

Within the scope of NATO it is qualified, with the Improvement Courses:

  • NATO - PfP - Joint Medical Planners;

  • Medical Incidents, Medical Management Support Course (MIMS Course);

  • NATO Combined Joint Task Force;

  • Radiant Support Exercise Course, 2002, (Ostende, Belgium);

  • Cooperative Support Exercise, 2003 (Salzburg, Austria);

  • Cooperative Support Exercise 2004 (Tallin, Estonia).

  • In 2004, he participated in the Restructuring of the NATO Medical Courses, at the NATO School (Obermmagau-Germany).

Academic education:

  • He graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FCM), of the New University of Lisbon (UNL).

  • He completed the General Internship at the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon (Hospital de Santa Marta, Hospital de S. José, Maternidade Magalhães Coutinho, Hospital de Dª Estefânia).

  • Completed the Complementary Internship in Cardiology at Hospital de Santa Cruz-Cardiology Service (Director Prof. Doutor Ricardo Seabra – Gomes).

  • He was a Hospital Assistant in Cardiology at the Cardiology Service of the Hospital da Marinha.

  • Works as a Cardiologist at Instituto do Coração, Carnaxide.

  • Since April 2015, he has been a Medical Expert at the Instituto de Segurança Social, IP, acting as Rapporteur and Chairman of the Appeals, Reassessments and Disability Committee.

  • From 2012 to March 2019, he worked as a cardiologist in the Grupo

  • Private Health Care, initially at Grupo Saúde Sr.º Dr. Silveira, in St.

  • Domingos de Rana and after the acquisition of Grupo Privado de Saúde

  • in 2015, at Grupo Mello Saúde, at Clinica de S. Domingos de Rana, until March 2019.

  • He obtained a Master's degree in Chemical Pathology, from the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FCM), at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL).

  • He exercised teaching functions in the Department of Biochemistry of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, (Contracted Monitor, Invited Assistant and Assistant with a Master's Degree and equivalent to Assistant Professor, after a PhD).

  • He holds a Master's and Doctorate in Medicine: Atherosclerosis, from the University of Siena (Italy).

  • Qualified as a Public Management Course - INA (Oeiras-2007).

  • He served as Guest Professor at ISLA CAMPUS Lisbon – Laureate Universities Institutes (Head of the Public Health and Civil Protection Chair of the degree in Safety Management and Civil Protection and Coordinator of the Post-Graduation in Geriatrics and Gerontology).

  • Since April 2012, he has been an Invited Assistant Professor at the European University/Laureate Universities Institutes, Lisbon (Head of Public Health and Civil Protection for the degree in Safety Management and Civil Protection).

  • Invited Professor at the Catholic University of Lisbon, in the Postgraduate Course in Social Medicine, since 2017, responsible for the “Cadiovascular Disability” Module.

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